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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The Campus Cell Group have arange for this Saturday (24 April) 7:00 – 9:00PM to host the Program, they are responsible for the formalities of the nights fellowship. Acoording to the leaders of the Campus cell Group, they are calling for every cell group leaders and members to come and enjoy the fellowship, the activities for the night is, there is a Bible quiz and it will be done among the cell groups, therefore cell groups refresh your minds and ready for this interesting moment, and do please bring with you your Bible. The Venue is, the same room we usually have our Sunday service. Lets be prompted and be on time.

Friday, April 16, 2010


TO GOD BE THE GLORY ! prayers was answer, as one could have recall, the beautiful sun shine day on Last Saturday at Vaturara, the fulfillment of the work well done by the sport committee coordinated by Titus and Rex who have making sure formalities was done. The occasion was started by assembling, and briefing of the teams of the Games, national anthem was sung. Chorus and reading of the word of God follow one. Pastor Tony had declared the field now open and the games now kick start. There is a very interesting match between the Fathers and young Boys, unfortunately; however the younger’s having not managed to make it through. The games played during the day is Soccer for men, volley ball for women and Futsal for Kids, Being an observer and as well as player the teams are so mush competent, but as the law of the game prevail one team has to win the other to accept the opposite. Presentation of processes was done on Sunday during the Sunday morning service.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


From Sport Committee, to the players of Peace Makers, Gentle Strikers. Real Love and Joy United, this announcement seek to humbly inform and asked your assistance that at least each player could bring, a sweet Biscuit, Loaf of Bread, a Tin Taiyo or a drink which you can afford to pay if hem nomoa na NO WORRIES YOU ARE WELCOME. The church will assist each team an amount of $50,

Sunday, April 4, 2010


The list of players of each team are tabulated below, as you have lookup for your name please identify your team and take note of the uniform you are sappose to wear and try as must as possible to get one for you especially shirts for our sport day. Anyone who DO NOT find his/her name on the list provided below DON'T PANNIC, on the Right hand side column of this site theres a Icon called Chatroom, you can write your Name there so that i could include you in any of those 4 teams.

List of players for PEACE MAKERS (UNIFORM - BLUE) Soccer, Volleyball & FUTSAL:

1. Joshua Tuasulia (C) Margaret Butafa (C) Davis Deni (C)
2. Rex Solo (V/C) Sereana Manu (V/C) Paul Hiriasia (V/C)
3. Mangi Oro Deborah Honimae Sophia Butafa.
4.Oliver Oli Sharon T. Jill Fasi
5. Jerry Iriahoroa. Linda Tonawane
6.James Kana Laban T Honimae Jnr
7. Jimmy Vaja Lilian Koudi
8. John Konofilia. Lyna Ofasi
9. Chris Kolosu Zamirua
10. Junior Fugui Erisa Denson
11. David H Naitoro Madeline Solo
12. Davis Houtaha Margaret Honimae
13. Ricky Ganisua
14.Timmy Siosi
15. Sam Fuloaburu
16. Stallone Kohia
17. Willie Usuramo
18. Simon Iio
19.Mahlon Maemania
20. John Omani
21. Laban Honimae
22. Steve Guurau
23. Emmanuel Butafa
24. Daykin Harohau

List of players for GENTLE STRIKERS (Uniform - Green) for Soccer, Volleyball & FUTSAL:

1.Earl Honitalo (C) Julian Fa’afunua (C) Jared Kumi(C)
2.Victor Hoasirao (V/C) Sandy Denson(V/Captain) Walter Maesugea
3. Charlse Gane Beverly Hanirara Axcol Butafa
4. Trevor Raoiasi Maria Usuramo Jasmina Do’oro
5.Steve Kumi Wendy Wara Jimmy Butafa
6. Rolland Delemani Judith Fika Jared Kumi
7. Thomson Agua Ruth Maelatha Steve Butafa
8. Epapharoditus Gani Nancy Rukia
9. Rickson Bau Bridget Touva
10. Fletcher.Fulairara Andrea Hugo
11. Presley Fafokona Helen Ha’apisi
12. Peter Vaja Indy Honimae
13. Dennis Kaluae Cisley La’ealaha
14. Brian Mangi Doris Kumi
15. Steve Housango
16. Titus Fika
17. Denson Deni
18. Moffat Hoa
19. Jimmy Akaramo
20.Peter Danitofea
21.Allan Kisi
22.Simon Mau
23.Paul Kaotara

List of players for Real love (Uniform - White) for Soccer, Volleyball & FUTSAL:

1. James Saliga (C) Enele Aike( Captain ) Junior Toni (Captain)
2. Glen Buka( V/Captain) Hellen Abi Ramoau ( V/C) Lensley Fika
3. John Buata Betty Bokelema Erisha Denni
4. Luke Ha'atarea Justina Maeriua Baddley Kota
5.Nickson Osiniu Hana Maela Mary Solo
6. Presley Mauniala Edline Airau Patty Fox
7. Junior Siosi Angela Faleka Jerody Fasi
8. Robert Houramo Grace Delight
9. Lesley Bunabo Fiona Rodi
10. Francis Saelea Lorna Kutai
11. Jones Otafalu Susan Suinao
12. Selwyn Lily Ramo
13. Stewart Kaimauri Hilda Hiriasi
14. Jeff Heinz
15. Darwin Maeriua
16. Jeremy Aike
17. Tony Hirias
18. Oswald Ramo
19. John Kera
20. Solomon Maesuliatala
21.Milton Ragaruma
22.Peter Aike
22.Grayson Alegao

List of players for Joy United ( Uniform -Yellow)for Soccer, Volleyball & FUTSAL:

1. Rexson Ramofafia (Captain Falu Maesugea (C) Mosley Fika Captain
2. Edger Pollard (V/Captain) Janet Ehakeni(V/Captain) Steve Butafa
3. George Ganiau Bethany Oafasia Placida Toni
4. David Raoiasi Cindy Warau Dennis Deni
5. Sam Butafa Fiona Rodie Minnie Denni
6. Errol Kausimae Tracy Usuramo Dennis Denni
7. Joe Kelesi Jennifer Delemani
8. Micheal suinao Ruth Ramo
9. Kadesh Hikohaikeni Sofia Butafa
10. Robert Houramo Lilian Mafane
11. Watson Aniquai .Stella Ahia
12. Alick Mirriam Ramofafia
13. Jairus Abari
14. Harold Maesulia
15. Jude Sanga
16.Johnson Lobo
17. Sammy Airahui
18.Walter Maesugea
19. Kennedy Honihera
20.Hickson Billy
21.Fred Osifelo
21.Patrick Taloboe Jnr
21.Joshua Manata Jnr
21.Samson Korai


I know From yestreday(05/04/2010) as i have written the adress of this blog site during the announcement i read, you might open it and find out that the posts are from last year 2009, NO WORRIES, from now on apart from the mailling of the church announcement, you will be notify of the activities and involvement in this blogsite Among the activities we have planned,the updates of the saturday sport day(10/04/2010) will be posted here as soon as i receives the documents and formalitiies from the sport committee, where you can identify what team you are playing for, and other responsibilities that are necessary need your help .

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Programme

The body of Christ, Our worship leading team for Sunday 4th September is as follows; Precher : Slewyn Do'oro W/Leader: Sandy Iro Choir: Nabua Cell Gp S/School: Flagstaff Cell Gp For Sunday 11th worship leading team; Preacher: Pr Tony Hiriasia W/Leader: Denson Choir: FSM students S/ School: Nailuva Cell Gp With that, May God richly bless us all. Sectretary